Why is protein important?

Why is everyone talking about protein? That’s just for athletes and bodybuilders! Why do I need to know about protein?

There is so much out there about protein at the moment, usually accompanied by an image of some super-fit, muscly male athlete, so why should we think it relates to us busy mums who are far too run off our feet to have the luxury of going for an actual run!

Well it does! Why? Because our bodies simply need it. Our bodies cannot exist without it, proteins are the building blocks of life. We need it for growth and repair of all the cells in our body. And our bodies cannot store it so we need to make sure we get enough protein throughout the day, every day.

We hear about protein and muscle growth, repair and maintenance all the time. This doesn’t just apply to hunky bodybuilders I’m afraid. If we don’t nourish our muscles we will begin to lose them. Overtime you may not look any different but muscle mass will begin to decrease as we age and could be replaced by body fat!

Protein is also great for your hair, nails, skin and is also essential for hormone production.

Why is protein important for me

Connacht Gold Protein milk contains 25g of protein per 500ml

Milk contains both whey and casein protein which are high quality proteins and are easy for our body to digest. A couple of simple ways of getting some more protein into your daily routine might be to have your favourite cereal with milk for breakfast or have a glass of milk with your dinner – simple changes that could help you to feel better and build healthy habits for you and your kids so they can grow up ‘big and strong’ as we always tell them!

Grow Strong; Be Strong; Stay Strong

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By: Niamh Jinks


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