Connacht Gold launches new milk packaging

Recently announced in the top 20 of Ireland’s Top 100 Brands by Kantar Worldpanel, Connacht Gold is one of Ireland’s leading producers of fresh milk, cream and butter products.

Connacht Gold milk has been the brand of choice for generations throughout the West of Ireland and this month, new packaging has been launched for the range.

New Milk Range

The eye-catching new designs feature vibrant colours, while showcasing the brand’s heritage, connection to the community and introducing local milk suppliers to consumers.

In an innovative use of space, a whole side panel of each carton is dedicated to Connacht Gold’s various award-winning butter products, which are available nationwide. Their 3 Gold Stars winning Softer Butter is showcased on the fresh milk, the popular Low Fat butter on Skim and Low Fat milk and Connacht Gold’s newly launched Unsalted Butter sits perfectly on the Buttermilk packaging.

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Connacht Gold on TV

Connacht Gold Half the Fat Butter Bake your best with Connacht Gold

Our History

Connacht Gold has a strong social history in the West of Ireland.

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