Farm to Fridge

We pride ourselves on ensuring you get the freshest, local milk every time.

Every drop of our milk and cream is supplied by a select group of local farmers in our region, ensuring the highest quality, freshest produce and environmental sustainability with low food miles.

Our farmers are passionate about what they do and along with our dedicated quality team, ensure the best industry practices and highest standards are maintained.

From the time the milk is collected from the farm gate by our milk tankers to leaving our dairies for distribution to local shops and businesses, our milk has been tested at all stages of the journey to ensure you get the best quality, freshest milk.

So the next time you enjoy a delicious glass of milk, you can be sure you’re drinking a fresh, high quality, natural and nutritious drink.

The new 1.65l milk range

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Our History

Connacht Gold has a strong social history in the West of Ireland.

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