Connacht Gold Half Fat Butter 454g

Connacht Gold Half Fat Butter 454g

Real butter, with just half the fat.

We at Connacht Gold understand how hard it is to have foods that are healthy, but still taste great. That’s why we’ve created Connacht Gold Half Fat butter, it’s REAL butter but with HALF the FAT! Making it a truly unique product.

It’s real butter containing no vegetable oils or chemically treated fats. You get all the great taste of butter, with all the health benefits of half the fat with only 19 calories per serving.

There are some things you don’t expect to find in a tub, like real butter! Our Connacht Gold Half Fat Butter is in put in a tub for your convenience. You really can have it all!

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Our History

Connacht Gold has a strong social history in the West of Ireland.

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