Joe’s Beef Stroganoff

Joe’s Beef Stroganoff


  • 400g Beef fillet slithers or good quality beef stir fry
  • 100g Flour
  • 1tsp Paprika
  • 150g Sliced onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic chopped
  • 100g Sliced mushrooms
  • 1tsp Dijon or French mustard
  • 50ml Brandy
  • 50g sliced gherkin
  • 100ml Beef stock (you can use a stock cube)
  • 200ml of Connacht Gold Fresh Cream
  • Salt & pepper to taste




  1. Fry onion on a low heat for 4 minutes
  2. Add garlic and mushrooms and fry until nice and soft, remove from the pan and set to one side.
  3. Mix together the flour, paprika, season with salt and dredge the beef through the mixture.
  4. Heat up the pan until good and hot, add some oil and add beef, cook for 2-3 minutes (you can add a knob of Connacht Gold Creamery butter for extra flavour at this stage if you like)
  5. Add back in your onion, mushroom and garlic.
  6. Now add your Brandy and flame.
  7. Add beef stock and mustard and then add cream and reduce to a nice consistency.
  8. Add in the gherkin and taste for seasoning, adjust accordingly.


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