Hot Cross Buns

I really enjoyed making these and so so easy. Hot cross buns a tradition dating back centuries, but also a tradition with Connacht Gold.

Each year Connacht Gold kick off Easter with their annual Connacht Gold Hot Cross Bun day which usually takes place on Holy Thursday where they host delicious tasting events throughout the country – Toasted Hot Cross Buns buttered in creamy Connacht Gold Half Fat Butter – just delicious! I used Mary Berry’s fool proof recipe below.


  • 500g strong white flour  
  • 75g caster sugar 
  • 2 teasp mixed spice 
  • 1 teasp ground cinnamon  
  • 10g salt  
  • 10g fast action dried yeast  
  • 40g Connacht Gold butter 
  • 300ml Connacht Gold milk 
  • 1 free range egg beaten  
  • 150g sultanas  
  • 50g mixed peel  
  • 75g flour mixed with water for the cross  
  • 2 tblsp golden syrup for the glaze 



Add dry ingredients to bowl, keep yeast and salt on separate sides.

Slightly warm Connacht Gold milk and  butter together in a saucepan.

Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and stir around with your hand bringing the dough together.

Tip onto a floured surface and knead for 10 mins until shiny and elastic .

Place in an oiled bowl and cover , leave to double in size 2 hours.

Tip out again and knock back dividing the dough into approx ten balls , shape them and press down on top to be flat and smooth.

Cover and allow to double in size approx 40 minutes.

Mix flour and water and add to piping bag and snipe the bottom to a small opening.

Place in preheated oven of 220C for 15 minutes until baked.

Remove from oven warm the golden syrup and brush across the top.

Serve warm with delicious half fat Connacht Gold butter.



Below you will find a wide selection of recipes that you can make with our delicious Connacht Gold products. Please use the menu selection to find exactly what you’re after.

Chef Adrian

Adrian Martin is an Irish chef brought up in County Cavan, Ireland. He trained in some of Ireland’s most renowned restaurants including MacNean House and Michelin Star restaurant, Bon Appetite in Malahide where he was head of Pastry.

Sarah Battle

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